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Choose From 5 Jump Rope Styles – Adjustable ...

✔ HIGHEST QUALITY: Each and every jump rope is made with premium quality 3m pvc and features a high quality premium ball bearing that ensures the rope will turn smoothly and effortlessly. Designed for long term and intense usage.
✔ CUSTOM BUILT FOR RESULTS: Ergonomic handles are molded to minimize hand fatigue, and designed to ensure smooth and even rotation. Unbelievably fast, super lightweight and extremely portable. Ensuring fast spinning, no kinking or tangling. Burn up to 1000 calories per hour – Easiest way to shred fat, build coordination and increase agility.
✔ DURABLE & ADJUSTABLE, ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Quickly and easily adjustable down to your desired length within minutes! Our ropes have an original length of 9.8 ft. Designed for Men, Women and Kids. Fits people of all sizes using the adjustable screws or a wire cutter.

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