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A good trainer can be key to reaching your fitness ...

A good trainer can be key to reaching your fitness goals
UW-La Crosse offers fitness degree core classes in basic anatomy, physiology, sports nutrition, exercise physiology, human motor learning and biomechanics to undergraduates on the fitness track. There are also kinesiology, human performance coaching, …
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How Under Armour is linking fitness data with customer loyalty
The 150 million people within the “Under Armour Connected Fitness” group will get a set of challenges (for example, “run 10 miles a week”), and if they complete it, they can win gift cards and points within “The League,” Sports Authority's loyalty program.
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The Crazy Unhealthy Things Fitness Models Do Before a Photo Shoot
They represent the crazy unhealthy reality behind the photo shoots and stage competitions of the world's elite fitness models—the folks whose glistening, vascular, all-but-fat-free bodies adorn billboards, bikini commercials, and magazine ads for the …
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